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What should you pay attention to when shopping sustainably?

Like everyone else, you want to fill your closet with the nicest items and best outfits, but sustainability is just as important to you. In this blog we give you a number of tips that you should pay attention to when you want to buy sustainable clothing!

Back to basics

First of all, make sure you have enough basics. This sounds very boring, but it certainly isn't! By having enough basics in your closet you ensure that you can combine almost everything. This way you avoid buying a statement piece, which then lingers in your closet. By the term basics, in clothes, you have to
think of simple sweaters, tops, dresses, jackets and blouses. No prints, but neutral colors such as white, black, gray and beige. You can combine these colors with almost anything! The moment you buy something new, you know in advance that you have something in your closet anyway, where you
combine new items. Good examples of basics can be found in our curated BASIC COLLECTION . All these items are made of beautiful materials and are of good quality.

Look at the label

If you want to be sure that your new items are sustainable, it is important that you look at the product label. Here you can see whether the garment is made of sustainable materials. This applies if you want to purchase a new item. Clothing that is given a second life does not always have to be produced sustainably, but is reused, so that no new garments have to be made.

Vintage it is!

Shop at vintage stores. Here you will not only find super beautiful garments, with a good price/quality ratio, but it is also super durable! Making clothes is a process that in many cases is harmful to nature and the environment. By shopping vintage clothing you give clothing a longer life so that less has to be produced! In addition, wearing vintage clothing is also fashionable! This is not only important for the environment, but you also look unique in your pre-owned items.
Second-hand or vintage clothing has never been so stylish, so choose that second life! Whether it concerns vintage women's clothing, shoes, accessories or winter clothing, you will find it all in our online vintage store ! Because the clothing is not seasonal and we do not go along with the trends, you can also wear the items for a longer period of time. Better for the environment, but of course also for your wallet.

Shop at your favorite small business

The items that you can shop at small businesses are often unique and you pay a fair price for them. They have a lot of love for the work they do. You sometimes pay a little more than at a large chain, but you know who you are buying from. In addition, the quality is a lot better, so you can use your garment for a long time. The small entrepreneurs like to be involved with their products and customers, because of this you also have much faster and personal contact with them. They have a lot of love for the work they do and will do everything they can to make you happy as a customer. This is a nice additional advantage. In our online vintage clothing store you will find beautiful and affordable items, where service and customer friendliness are paramount.

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