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5 vintage clothing looks for winter

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You're into vintage fashion and it's winter, but how do you combine your items into a great clothing look? Fair is fair, it's cold and that calls for an adjustment in your clothing style. You need items that keep you nice and warm in these cold days, but you still want to look good. In this blog we talk about 5 vintage clothing looks for the winter.

1. Wear a shirt

During the winter months it is nice to dress warmly. Therefore, dress in layers. This is the best way to keep yourself warm. This is where a spencer comes in handy. Not only does a sweater keep you warm, it also brightens up your outfit and gives a vintage look to every basic outfit. For example, wear our JANA SPENCER over a white blouse. This keeps you nice and warm and provides an addition to your outfit!

2. Oversized blazer

A cool oversized blazer can instantly change the look of any look. It makes your outfit a lot tougher in one go. For example, you can wear our AOLA BLAZER over a hoodie. With another extra layer you stay nice and warm, but you still look good. Complete your look with statement shoes such as a nice boot.

3. Knitted sweater

A thick warm sweater is of course always good, but we go for a vintage look so we opt for a knitted sweater. You can combine this winter trend with nice flaired pants or loose-fitting pants. You're definitely in the right place with the CREMY COZY KNIT !

4: Leather jacket

Leather jackets are always a good item to have in the closet. Then we are not talking about just any leather jacket, but we are talking about a leather jacket like the JURA LEATHER JACKET . With a jacket like this you definitely add character to your outfit. Wear this jacket over loose jeans and a sweater with sneakers or boots underneath.

5: Finishing touch: a scarf

A scarf is ideal to complete your outfit. You're always in the right place with a black scarf like our AGNES SCARF and you can combine it with almost any outfit. The perfect winter accessory.

In our online vintage store you will find everything you need to get through the cold days. Shopping second-hand clothes is better for nature and the environment. So indulge yourself in our vintage store and spend your money on a sustainable way of shopping!

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